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A Mech-Mate inspection pit makes access to the underside of your car easy, allowing you to work in safe, well-lit comfort with all your tools to hand. Where traditional brick-built pits had a habit of getting damp and crumbly, the new generation of pits are fully insulated from the earth by their tough glassfibre construction.

Easy Installation

Mech-Mate provide 6 models in a range of sizes to suit every mechanic and avery garage. Whether you need an inspection pit for regular vehicle servicing or to undertake a major restoration there's a Mech-Mate motor pit ideally suited to you.

Mech-Mate provides a range of extras to make your inspection pit even more practical. See how a sliding jack beam of 3 wheeled trolley can enahnce your pit.

Fitting a Mech Mate inspection pit is probably alot easier than you think. Take a look at our simple 15 step installation guide to find out how you can get better access to your cars nether regions.

Mech-Mate Motorpits are the worlds leading producer of moulded inspection pits providing heavy duty polyester resin moulding inspection pits,  laminated with 3 layers of 450 gram/m chopped strand glass matt.

The tough resin gel-coated surface is colour (warm light grey) impregnated and easily cleaned with normal household liquid.

The floor, side ledges and steps are further reinforced with 20mm laminated panls. The lighting and other recesses the same material to facilitate fixing of units (customer supplied).   


Dovetail ribs are laminated to sides providing stiffness and en moulding and an additional locking mechanism between moulding and concrete backfill.


The vacuum filled sliding seat and tool tray are moulded from 6mm High Density Polyethylene (HDP) – an extremely tough plastic.

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