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Stephen Prior 2023

Some photos as requested.

When we installed the pit we refurbished our whole house and the pit was the crowning glory in my garage. It has made servicing and fixing our family cars much easier. I now have a queue of friends wanting to use it. Every home mechanic should have one!

The cover consists of eleven hardwood boards each measuring 1m x 210mm x 50mm with recessed rings in the end two boards to make removal easier. The are capable of carrying the weight of my Land Rover Discovery.

Best regards

Stephen Prior


Jamie Walker 2023

If you have ever considered installing a motorpit to assist you with the maintenance or restoration of
your cherished car then I hope this short article is of some use to you.

Jamie Walker October 2023

SP201 – 2.1m pit with sliding seat, tool tray and tapes.

I’d been planning a quite considerable remodel of the family home for some time, including the
demolition of a single detached garage in order to replace it with one adjoining the house, thus
incorporating the alleyway that formerly ran between the house and the old garage. As a builder, I’d
given my imagination free reign. I had visions of vaulted ceilings and car lifts a plenty but once I’d
come back down to earth, I decided to explore the possibility of a motorpit.

I did a bit of homework and completed the purchase of the pit from a company called “Mech-Mate”,
based in Lancashire. Their pits are of pre-formed glass-fibre construction and come in a variety of
sizes to suit your needs.

My motorpit arrived as scheduled and I was immediately impressed with its build quality. I was now
ready to tackle the small matter of installing it!

With the garage being built from scratch, I had the benefit of being able to shutter off the area in
which the pit would eventually be situated. It also gave the advantage of knowing that I had a clean
dig as existing utilities and drains had been either located or diverted prior to commencement. It is
common for domestic drains to run along the side of the house and often under adjoining garages,
as can be the case with water, gas and electricity. So, it goes without saying that these services
ought to be located and the dig properly planned beforehand.

I was able to complete most of the dig by reaching in with the arm of a digger, and this certainly
saves a fair bit of manual labour. However, if a digger is not an option, then the required result could
be achieved by two men and a bit of hard graft. The waste from the dig will fill a 6-yard skip so
remember to factor this into your costs if you do not have anywhere to rehome what you remove!

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